Worldox Web 3.0 is the second major feature introduced with Worldox Upgrades 14 and 15 in addition to the Worldox Email Agent.  Newly redesigned Web 3.0 was released in October, is optional, and included at No Charge.

Worldox Web 3.0 is an Internet application server that works in conjunction with the Worldox GX4 document management system. It makes corporate documents available to authorized users over the World Wide Web. Worldox Web 3.0 works with standard web browsers on notebooks and desktop PCs. It works differently depending on the device being used, but in each case delivers powerful mission-critical features and access to your data.

The Worldox Web 3.0 module comes with a fully redesigned Web Server Engine and User Interface. It includes the Worldox Web Integration Agent for user desktop installation which provides popup integration on File>Open and File>Save operations for most applications with which GX4 currently integrates.  Worldox Web 3.0 offers a simple and modern interface, provides fast previews of your documents, and integrates with the user desktop.

Worldox Web 3.0 will need to be installed and configured by a certified Worldox reseller. This is not a “Do It Yourself” configuration.  You will need to work through Baker Cadence Solutions to have this module installed and configured.

To learn more about Worldox Web 3.0 and to request a consultation, or schedule a demonstration, email We will prepare a project estimate detailing the time and cost to setup Worldox Web 3.0 on your Worldox GX4 software.

We look forward to answering your questions and showing you the new Worldox Web 3.0.