Improved Text Searching with Symphony

Baker+Cadence Solutions is a certified reseller for Trumpet Inc.’s Symphony Suite. Symphony Suite is composed of two products from Trumpet Inc., a Worldox integrator in the financial market, Symphony OCR and Symphony Profiler.

Why OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

Because Symphony OCR happens automatically as a back-end process, you can now be confident that all your documents within Worldox, are text searchable, no matter how they arrive in your practice (e.g., via e-mail, e-fax, hard disk, etc.)

  • Without OCR between 25% and 50% of the PDF files in a typical Worldox document repository may not be text searchable. OCR allows the firm to be confident that when they perform text searches, they are searching for all of their documents – including scanned images.
  • With Symphony, you don’t have to think about OCR. No employee effort is required. The very act of saving an image to Worldox means it will automatically become text searchable.

Using Symphony OCR

With Symphony OCR you can be confident that all eligibile images profiled into Worldox are text searchable in the most efficient and effective way possible. That’s the bottom line!

  • Makes your scanner and your employees run at full speed, reducing time to scan
  • Completely preserves your images, to include comments within the file, Bates numbering and other annotations
  • Automatically makes older images text searchable as they are filed to Worldox
  • Provides a dashboard of information about which images are in process, giving you complete visibility of your document repository
  • Automatically aligns pages should an employee scan files without using the proper orientation

Symphony Profiler

Symphony Profiler is the smart way to get paper images into Worldox. Here’s how it works:

  • The Worldox user profiles the document before it is scanned by making a file “reservation” with Symphony Profiler which produces a barcoded sheet that is placed on the top of the document to be scanned
  • Multiple documents can be scanned in batches at the scanner by a office clerk
  • Symphony Profiler splits each document scanned depending on the barcode and assigns the profile created by the Worldox user and places the document into the correct location in Worldox
  • Symphony OCR will OCR the scanned images and then Worldox indexes the text in the document

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