Proven in over 6,000 organizations, Worldox is a comprehensive, sensible document management solution and the easiest and fastest way to give your law firm or corporate legal department the information they need increase productivity and lower operating costs.  It provides the key to a “less paper” operating environment.  It provides powerful search tools, integration with email, scanners, voice mails, and other applications to create a central repository for all of your organization’s electronic documents.

Worldox GX4 is deployed in law firms, financial services firms, universities, manufacturers, government, and not-government organizations. Using Worldox GX4 these organizations can:

  • Quickly find all the documents, including emails, on a case or matter so they can collaborate more effectively
  • Reduce operating costs by decreasing the time spent looking for documents or recreating content
  • Bring order, clarity and consistency to the generation and organization of clients documents and the firm’s intellectual property
  • Access documents from anywhere in the Worldox with a internet connection

Worldox GX4 Deployment:

Worldox GX4 Professional

the traditional client/server approach with Worldox GX3 installed on the user’s local computers. All Worldox managed documents are located on one or more networked servers

Worldox GX4 Enterprise

based on the proprietary Worldox Enterprise Server architecture, Enterprise allows the Worldox published application to have full communication with their local applications, including MS Office, Outlook and third-party integrations such as case management software. The user can be anywhere in the Worldox with an internet connection and access the central Worldox document repository of their organization.

Worldox GX4 Cloud

This is a SaaS cloud based model with GX4 and all the organizations documents hosted and managed on World Software data center. Users have the same rich Worldox experience, regardless of where they are located for a modest monthly fee.

Microsoft Azure

Intuitive cloud platform that offers more than 200 products and cloud services. Azure can be tailored to fit your firm’s specific needs.

Theie cloud is secure, and trusted by organizations, large and small. Azure makes working hybrid a breeze – seamless functionality wherever you are. Azure is built for the future and continues to grow and develop to support your needs and goals.

Improved File Sharing with Worldox Connect

Worldox Connect powered by Workshare, allows you to share and collaborate on documents securely within and outside of your organization while maintaining control of documents within.  It provides the ability to synchronize your Worldox files toWorldox Connect and share them with people outside of your firm in a collaborative web portal.  All collaborative activity is fully audited in the Worldox Audit Trail, maintaining accountability, and supports versioning of files by both sender and the recipient.Worldox Connect also includes a subscription to  Worldox Web Mobile that allows full access to Worldox content from a browser or iOS mobile devise such as iPhone, iPad using the free Worldox Web app.

Notable Features of Worldox GX4

Simple Document Sharing

Because the documents and electronic files are stored with Worldox in a Case or Matter centric format, this facilitates easy sharing of documents and emails by users working on the same matter.  And if someone leaves the firm, the documents are still accessible by other attorneys and staff.


Go Paperless

Many law firms and other organizations are very interested in moving to a “paper-less office” environment.  Installing the Worldox document management software is the key step in achieving that goal.  Worldox makes management, control and access to your documents, emails and other electronic files simple for your users.  Documents can be instantly be found by client, matter, or project, as well as other metadata connected with the files.

Improves document security

Security setting allow access to documents and files by user, groups, and individual documents.  Worldox security interfaces with Microsoft Active Directory thereby eliminating access to your firm and client’s confidential data thru network “back doors.”

Web 3.2

Worldox on the go. Access documents from anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device. Worldox Web makes it easy to open and save documents and offers file sharing options that leverage Microsoft 365 Email, OneDrive, and Teams.

Reliable, Trustworthy Technology Partners

Because Worldox is the leading law firm document management solution, it has been shaped by law firms for over 30 years.  The World Software development team learned to listen to the market and deliver document management features that legal market requires.

With over 20 years of experience installing and supporting Worldox, Baker+Cadence Solutions has worked with over 400+ Worldox clients.  We have been recognized by World Software Corporation as a member of their Inner Circle of authorized resellers and the leading Worldox integrator in the Western States and Western Canada.