Don’t Just Manage Your Practice, Master It!

PracticeMaster is award-winning practice management software that helps your law firm find case, client and contact information – and find it fast. PracticeMaster integrates seamless with the Tabs3 billing software, eliminating double entry of data. PracticeMaster is very customizable so you can have data screens contain the data you need for your practice.

There are three versions of PracticeMaster, Basic, Premier, and Platinum so that you can purchase the version that works for your size firm and requirements.

Baker + Cadence Solutions has been recognize be Software Technology Inc. as a member of the President’s Circle for nearly 20 years.

PracticeMaster Basic:

  • Tabs3 and QuickBooks Integration
  • Advanced Calendaring and integration with Outlook and smartphones
  • Client Information data and tracking
  • Time entry and time tracking
  • Document tracking and indexing
  • Reports and a Report Writer for custom reports
  • Security control of data and feature access

PracticeMaster Premier:

  • All of the features of PracticeMaster Basic
  • Workflows that trigger a series of events when a key data field is changed
  • Area of Practice templates that provide data fields specific to 10 areas of law
  • Document assembly so data in the PracticeMaster data base can be inserted into Word templates
  • Microsoft Word and WordPerfect integration
  • Worldox document management integration
  • HotDocs integration
  • CompuLaw court rules integration
  • Calendar Plan templates so you can enter your own court rules

PracticeMaster Platinum

Incudes all of the features in PracticeMaster Basic and Premier, plus the following:

  • Tabs3 Connect for mobile access to client information, contact information, and your calendar (Click here for more details)
  • Auto Recovery of your data files if your server or software fails
  • Report Accelerator that increases report preparation by over 30 times
  • Hot Backup so you can backup your data files without users getting out of the applications, and backup can be scheduled throughout the day
  • eNote – a instant messaging capability between PracticeMaster users
  • Outlook Exchange Connector to easily control Outlook user rights delegation
  • Upgrade to SQL option
  • List filtering accelerator to speed up the data from the server to the user’s pc
  • Log off user notification without having to email all users
  • Accounts Receivable by working timekeeper and filters to accounts the timekeeper has worked on

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