There have been two recent upgrades to Worldox GX4, Upgrade 14 and now Upgrade 15.  Both upgrades include the new optional feature, Worldox Email Agent. The Email Agent provides more email capabilities than ever before to accommodate the increasing number of messages stored in Worldox.  The Email Agent feature is included in Worldox GX4 at No Charge.

Features of Worldox Email Agent

  • Process Worldox Automatic Drop Folders, so you don’t have to wait for them to process.
  • Process the new User-Defined Worldox Link Folders or user-created Outlook folders that support Move to Worldox or Copy to Worldox features with pre-defined metadata.
  • Add Worldox icon to Outlook folders linked to Worldox
  • Add Global Flags to messages already moved or copied
  • Process messages without the Worldox Client running – mobile devices, Outlook Web App, etc.

With the Worldox Email Agent installed, you can denote existing or newly created Outlook folders to either automatically copy or move messages to Worldox when they are dragged to a linked folder. A linked folder means that the Worldox Email Agent will know which Client/Matter location to copy or move the message to because of metadata used to configure the folder during the linking process.  Note, if you do not install the Worldox Email agent, the existing Worldox automatic drop folders in Outlook will continue to function as usual.  And, the existing Worldox automatic drop folders in Outlook will work with the Email Agent installed.

Linked folders that have Worldox metadata assigned to them are identified by the green Worldox icon.

The Worldox Email Agent has made Copy and Move processes more automatic. Drop ten or more emails into a folder and move on to another task while the agent assigns metadata for you. There is no need to wait for the message to be processed.  You can unlink Worldox Link folders so that messages moved will no longer be processed by the Worldox Email Agent. The folder is now just a regular Outlook Folder again.

Once the message has been copied, a green indicator tag icon is shown.  If it doesn’t have the green indicator tag yet, the message is waiting to be processed. Green global flag indicators or tags appear within messages that have been copied to Worldox. If a message is moved, it will no longer be displayed in Outlook after it has been processed by the Worldox Email Agent.

With the Worldox Email Agent installed, the Worldox ribbon in Outlook has a Change Outlook View button. Click on it to display Worldox heuristics in Outlook’s Inbox view. Your Email messages show the Cabinets, Fields and Categories to which your email messages are automatically saved within Worldox.  Highlight the email messages you want to Copy or Move, and then click AutoProfile + Move or AutoProfile + Copy to process the selected emails.

The Email Agent will need to be installed and configured by a certified Worldox reseller. This is not a “Do It Yourself” configuration.  You will need to work through Baker Cadence Solutions to have this module installed and configured.

To learn more about the Email Agent and to request a consultation, or schedule a demonstration, email We will prepare a project estimate detailing the time and cost to setup the Email Agent on your Worldox GX4 software.

We look forward to answering your questions and showing you the new Email Agent.