Leading Time Billing Software for Law Firms Worldwide

Tabs3 is the leading software for small and mid-size law firms from Software Technology Inc. who has been providing legal billing and accounting software for over 30 years. There are over 15,000 law firms that have Tabs3 installed for their billing and accounting.

Tabs3 provides the ability to enter and track time, create statements, allocate payments, and run client status reports. It also allows you to get your bill out faster and to increase your productivity. Tabs3 will also link to QuickBooks and other practice management software products like Time Matters and Amicus Attorney.

Other Tabs3 features include:

  • Integration with the Tabs3 Financial software applications and PracticeMaster
  • Allocation of payments to the proper timekeepers who had time on a bill
  • Statement Designer that allows you to make your statements look professional and allows you to customize statements to meet client requirements
  • Collection reports to allow you follow up with clients who are late with their payments
  • The ability to export reports to Excel or PDF files
  • Productivity reports to track timekeeper productivity and firm profitability, as well as client productivity and profitability
  • Ability to generate statements in the proper format to submit electronically to bill auditing sites
  • Automatically generate statements in PDF format and e-mail to clients
  • Levels of security to control what users can see and do
  • Multiple versions of the software to allow for future growth of your firm
  • Tabs3 Connect for mobile lawyers (link to Tabs3 Connect page)

Baker + Cadence Solutions has been recognize be Software Technology Inc. as a member of the President’s Circle for the last 10 years. This status is given to only a few Tabs3/PracticeMaster resellers who have strong product and upgrade sales, take part in trade shows and seminars, and provide feedback on product development and changes in the law firm market.

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