Version 19 was released in 2019 and now Version 2020 has been released for 2020. Both  updates the look and feel of all Tabs3 Software products. The enhancements range from new colors and screens that take advantage of the space of larger monitors, to a home page with easier access to the features you use most, and tabbed features that make it easy to multi-task as things come up during the day.

PracticeMaster Dashboard

PracticeMaster helps attorneys provide structure for even the busiest days. The new PracticeMaster Dashboard in Version 2020 displays upcoming calendar events and tasks so attorneys can quickly check in on what their day holds. The Dashboard also includes a Recap of Hours graph to provide attorneys with a quick reference of their worked hours and serves as a great reminder to add billable hours as they work throughout the week.

LawPay Integration

Tabs3 Billing has added features to making getting bills out easier, and features to give firms even more flexibility in how they bill and what they include in reports. Firms can now include a payment link in emailed statements so that clients can easily pay their bills online with a credit card thru LawPay.  LawPay supports both credit and debit cards as well as electronic fund transfers (eChecks) from checking or savings accounts.

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