Added Tools for Added Efficiency

Tabs3 provides optional financial applications that tightly integrate with the Tabs3 billing software. The applications are Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger. Check out the features of Tabs3 Financial below:

Baker + Cadence Solutions has been recognize be Software Technology Inc. as a member of the President’s Circle for the last 10 years. This status is given to only a few Tabs3/PracticeMaster resellers who have strong product and upgrade sales, take part in trade shows and seminars, and provide feedback on product development and changes in the law firm market.

Features of Tabs3 Financial

Tabs3 Trust Accounting

  • Allows for unlimited number of trust accounts and trust bank accounts
  • Integration with Tabs3 Billing to provide trust account details on client statements
  • Payments to the firm can be automatically generated from the trust account to the Tabs3 billing module
  • Checks can be printed from trust accounts and bank accounts
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Warning when minimum balance of trust account is reached
  • Trust account ledger report to show transactions and balances in each account as well as total for all trust accounts

Tabs3 General Ledger

  • Provides financial reports by department, firm and locations
  • Allows for budgets by account and department
  • Allows for reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Automatically journals client payments from Tabs3 billing software
  • Provides for three years of financial history
  • Comes with a law firm chart of accounts or you can create your own chart of accounts
  • Allows for multiple sets of books, and cash and accrual accounting

Tabs3 Accounts Payable

  • Integrates with Tabs3 to pass costs to client accounts for billing
  • Integrates with Tabs3 General Ledger to record payments and expenses
  • Saves 1099 data and can print IRS 1099-MISC form for e-filing
  • Shows vendor history and status of invoices
  • Extensive reports and registers

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