At the Legal Tech New York 2015 World Software announced a new version of their popular Worldox document and email management software, Worldox GX4.

Worldox GX4 is a completely redesigned major release of Worldox.  It focuses on two key areas, ease of use and mobility.  The anticipated release of Worldox GX4 is the second quarter of 2015 to new Worldox clients and as an upgrade to existing Worldox installations thereafter.

Also World Software announced a new version of Worldox Web which provides browser-based and mobile access to Worldox from anywhere the user has internet access.  The redesign of Worldox Web allows the Worldox Web user to utilize the active profiling technology in Worldox GX4 for a seamless transition from office to mobile device.

Baker+Cadence Solutions will be providing more details about Worldox GX4 in our next newsletter.  Also, we will conduct webinars on the new features in Worldox GX4 in the coming weeks after we receive our beta test version of the Worldox GX4 software.  Stay tuned for more details!