Hiring people for your firm can be an exciting time, whether you are growing and filling a need, or replacing someone.  But training new employees on how to use Worldox can be a daunting task, if not a real pain.

Many firms have another employee provide Worldox training, or they just give the new person some documentation to review.  We have found that these methods do not provide proper training for the new employee and they become frustrated not knowing how to use Worldox properly and efficiently.

The better solution is to have Baker+Cadence|Solutions provide the training.  We can provide training for recently-hired individuals via the Internet or on site.  One of our experienced trainers will come to your office or will use a remote connection to either the individual’s workstation or a group training in a conference room. New users will get expert training and will be exposed to all the productivity gaining features in Worldox.

The benefits of having BCS do the training are:

  • Frees up the time of other firm employees.
  • Learned “bad habits” do not get handed down from one employee to another.
  • Recently-hired individuals will receive expert training focusing on the features of the software that will best help the new hire.
  • Training schedule is flexible and the costs are minimal.

The next time your firm hires a new person, give us a call at Baker+Cadence|Solutions to schedule their training.  Call us at 888-444-4250, or email info@bakercadence.com.