Baker Cadence Solutions has been looking for a billing system that 1) integrates with QuickBooks 2) is totally cloud-based 3) has full-featured time and billing and 4) is affordable and market tested. We found that product in TimeSolv. 

TimeSolv is a legal time tracking and billing solution. With an extensive features list, you can do all your billing, invoicing, and data conversion. It’s one of the best web-based billing solutions for law firms and other professionals and comes with an extensive list of features. 

Time Tracking

TimeSolv’s time tracking makes it easy to record every minute. It’s designed to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device, with mobile and desktop applications. You can track time no matter where or when you work, even offline, and sync your time. It also works the way firms work, with custom abbreviations and multiple timers tracking tasks simultaneously. So, you never miss a minute. 


TimeSolv provides the ability to estimate matter costs for time and expenses and makes it easy for your firm to forecast costs and quote fixed fees that ensure profitability. With real-time reports that show how a matter is progressing compared to its budget, you’ll never have to guess.  

Expense Tracking

Forget manual spreadsheets. The TimeSync app lets you enter expenses from anywhere, even without internet access. The ability to upload expense receipts and attach invoices means you never miss an expense and helps projects and matters stay on budget. 

Project Management

The right project management tools help your projects run smoother, make you more agile, and mean that problems are easier to solve when they arise. TimeSolv helps keep your projects on budget and on time. You can see progress made, time tracked, milestones reached, and billing sent. So, you always know where a project stands. TimeSolv also provides the ability to establish fixed fees, set milestones, and share information with stakeholders. 


Our flexible templates mean you can send bills out faster. TimeSolv invoicing comes with LEDES billing and automatic tax calculations, along with custom narratives and easy-to-apply discounts. Invoices can be batched and scheduled so that you can send all your bills with one click. The ability to offer split billing and online payments makes it easier to get paid. 


TimeSolv makes it easy to enter payments and credits and allocate them to specific invoices. Payments can be run in Batch and quickly synced to QuickBooks or Xero. Clients can easily make payments online with a secure client portal, and client payment information is stored securely in either TimeSolvPay or LawPay.  

Trust Accounting

TimeSolv enables you to track your Trust accounts to pay invoices and refresh accounts automatically. It helps you manage payments quickly, transfer funds between accounts, and manage multiple accounts. Detailed reporting makes it easy to perform your monthly bank reconciliation. 

Document Management

Store your documents in the same cloud environment as your invoices. Documents are attached to projects and matters and can be further organized with tags and folders. Automation provides the ability to create custom documents with unique client and matter information. So, you can always find the right document. TimeSolv also integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Dropbox, and NetDocuments. 


TimeSolv comes with 31 different reports, providing insight into billable hours, accounts receivable, expenses, and performance, making it easy to see where things stand. 


TimeSolv integrates with QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, NetDocuments, TimeSolvPay, LawPay, Dropbox, and Office 365. 

Cloud-based Security

All of your data is secured in the cloud and backed up to 2 locations every 10 minutes.

Curious how TimeSolv could help streamline your firm’s processes? To learn more about how TimeSolv can improve your practice, contact us directly by emailing us at, or calling 916-694-0696.