Baker + Cadence Solutions announces our new partnership with NetDocuments!

As a leading reseller of document management systems (DMS) for over 20 years, we know that selecting the right platform is a big decision and there is no single option that meets the requirements of every firm. Alongside our partnership with Worldox, NetDocuments provides another leading DMS option allowing us to create the best solution for your organization.

NetDocuments was built and optimized to be a true Cloud solution and they have emerged as the recognized leader in that space. NetDocuments provides:

  • Access to your documents from anywhere at anytime
  • Highest level security of any cloud-based document management system
  • Built-in document collaboration with internal and external parties
  • Industry-leading technical support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • And a whole lot more!

With the right document management system, you will gain greater control and more efficient access to your documents and information. For firms moving their DMS to the Cloud, NetDocuments is the clear leader. For firms that prefer maintaining their documents on-site, Worldox is the right solution. At Baker + Cadence Solutions, we are here to help in selecting the best solution for managing your documents, emails and other important information. We are excited to add NetDocuments to our portfolio of leading software solutions.

For a demonstration of NetDocuments, or for help finding the right DMS to meet your needs, please contact us at or call 916-659-5604.