The ability to accept credit cards provides many benefits beyond being convenient for your clients. It enables you to get paid faster, with less time spent on collections of past-due bills. It also eliminates manual errors and helps reduce write-offs. Tabs3Pay makes accepting credit cards and electronic payments easier than ever.

Tabs3Pay is a credit card processing solution for payments and client fund deposits for users of Tabs3 Billing and trust deposits in Tabs3 Trust Accounting. It allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks, all from within the Tabs3 software, and manage separate accounts for Trust and Operating.

Setup is Easy 

Tabs3Pay allows you to sign up directly from Tabs3 Billing or Trust. You simply need to set up a merchant account linked to your operating account (& a trust merchant account if you intend to use Tabs3Pay in Trust). Once your application has been approved, Tabs3Pay is automatically enabled in Tabs3 Billing and Trust (if you chose to add a trust merchant account during the signup process). You can usually begin accepting payments on the same day you get set up. 

Payments are Hassle-free

Tabs3Pay includes a payment link in email statements, so your clients can easily and securely enter their payment information using the secure Tabs3Pay Portal. This eliminates the need for your firm to handle sensitive payment information, reducing your potential liability regarding fraudulent payments. 

Payment information is handled securely, and Tabs3Pay is PCI compliant and secure. Once payment has been made, you can easily import it into Tabs3 using the Import Online Payments utility. You can access credit card receipts and the Credit Card Authorization List report via Tabs3 Billing or Trust.

Pricing is Simple

Simple and transparent pricing is included for all credit card types, with no annual or monthly fees. 

Tabs3Pay can be used with the following Tabs3 Software applications

  • Tabs3 Billing Version 2021 (Build 20.5.2) or later for payments and client funds deposits 
  • Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software (Trust) Version 2021 (Build 20.5.2) or later for trust deposits

Curious about whether Tabs3Pay can help your firm streamline billing and payments? To learn more about how Tabs3Pay can improve your practice, contact us directly by emailing us at, or calling 916-694-0696.