The shift towards work from anywhere has created a diversity of work environments, making document management more of a challenge than ever before. While on-premises has been the norm for law firms for years, cloud technology is streamlining document and email management and continues to grow in popularity within law firms of all sizes. Using NetDocuments as your cloud-based document and email management system comes with many unique benefits for law firms:

Access documents from anywhere

A cloud-based document management system makes it easy to access documents from anywhere. Your team can manage, share, and collaborate on documents in one centralized location. This means that your staff can manage their cases anytime from anywhere, whether they are in the office, working remotely, or on their way to a meeting or the courtroom.

Collaborate on or review documents securely

Collaborative workspaces make it easy for stakeholders to review and collaborate on documents. NetDocuments’ client portal allows you to share documents with people outside the firm while still securely maintaining those documents in NetDocuments. There is no need to move them to another platform before sharing them or email them back and forth. The client portal also helps streamline the client review phase of documents.

NetDocuments’ SetBuilder makes it easy to insert information into documents, helping to streamline document assembly or quickly insert citations into documents.

NetDocuments also comes with a range of features designed to help lawyers be more productive, including:

  • Built-in eSignature
  • One-click filing
  • Secure external collaboration
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Dynamic profile attributes
  • Assembly of document sets
  • Optical Character Recognition

These features and functionality help your staff work more efficiently, while streamlining your processes and workflow.

Improve Security

The cloud offers firms better security than maintaining servers in-house. Cloud providers can more quickly fix bugs, add new features, or improve security features. Updates and fixes can be pushed out automatically to users, helping maintain a secure and up to date environment with less platform downtime. NetDocuments constantly monitors new security threats, and continually updates the platform’s security to ensure that your data is always secure and protected. User permissions, backups, and file recovery features keep your documents protected. Version control, archiving, and document retention mean you can always follow the path of your document and any changes that were made.

Streamlined costs

NetDocuments doesn’t require any equipment or maintenance fees. You pay a monthly subscription cost per user. The NetDocuments platform has an average 99.99% uptime, which means that your team’s productivity won’t be slowed down by performance or reliability problems.

At Baker + Cadence, we love to help law firms find the right solution to meet their unique needs. To learn more about NetDocuments and how moving your DMS to the cloud can help you streamline your document management, contact us directly by emailing us at or calling 916-659-5604.