Did you know law firms that accept credit cards get paid sooner and collect a higher percentage of billable work than firms who do not?

Credit card payments are convenient for both you and your clients, which is why Tabs3Pay makes it easy to process electronic payments. With Tabs3Pay, you can process payments by credit card and bank (ACH) transactions as well as process client funds and trust account deposits.

Another notable benefit of Tabs3Pay is having the ability to send payment links with email statements. Payment links are inserted into the email message that accompanies the statement — these links never expire! The link directs the client to a secure Tabs3Pay payment page, in a web browser, where they can easily make a payment. By offering a way for clients to make payments directly (via credit card or bank account), you immediately eliminate the need for your firm to handle sensitive payment information.

Once a client has made a payment through a payment link, it can easily be imported into Tabs3 Billing through the Import Online Payments feature.

With Tabs3Pay, you can…

  • Include a payment link when emailing statements — Allowing clients to easily enter payment information in a secure Tabs3Pay portal
  • Enable surcharging
  • Authorize electronic payments in Tabs3 Billing
  • Authorize electronic client funds deposits in Tabs3 Billing
  • Authorize electronic deposits in Trust
  • Credit or void electronic transactions entered in Tabs3 Billing and Trust
  • Manage separate Trust and operating accounts
  • … and so much more!

Quick & Hassle-Free Setup – You can begin accepting payments the same day you sign up, at no initial cost. Honest Pricing – no annual or monthly fees.

Limited Time Offer: Tabs3Pay Rebate

For a limited time only, Tabs3 is offering a 10% rebate for firms that start processing payments with Tabs3Pay. When you start processing payments with Tabs3Pay, you will either receive a 10% rebate of your Tabs3 Billing Annual Maintenance amount or a 1-month rebate of your Tabs3 Billing subscription.

This offer applies to both NEW and EXISTING Tabs3 Billing clients!

For more information, please email mgoodwill@bakercadence.com or call 916-677-4277.

Note: This rebate is based off of current Tabs3 Billing and Tabs3 Monthly Subscriptions only, not Tabs3 Financials or PracticeMaster. Firms that previously activated Tabs3Pay are not eligible.