The push for law firms and legal professionals to adopt digital tools has skyrocketed since the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, including migrating to cloud-based platforms. Even now as more and more law firms begin to go back into their office environments, many are adopting a hybrid model of in-office and remote operations, requiring a shift to cloud-based applications and servers.

Migrating to the cloud can mean a multitude of things. There are private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and cloud applications. What works for one firm may not be the best choice for every firm. It is important to look at firm needs holistically before evaluating options.

Moreover, there’s often significant confusion around cloud-based or cloud-enabled, versus a SasS product. Simply put, SaaS products take advantage of the cloud, and are more efficient to run. Cloud products run on a server managed by someone else, and cloud-enabled means that applications can be hosted on that server.

Moving to the cloud is no simple process. All too often, firms are lured into migrating to cloud products without considering what it really means. At Baker & Cadence Solutions, we want to help our clients employ the best technology solutions available to meet the demands of their work environments.

Does your firm need to adopt cloud or SaaS products to enable seamless work from anywhere?

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