The shift to work from anywhere and subsequent adoption of hybrid operations as parts of the country and world begin to open up, firms are experiencing an increase in turnovers as employees leave for new opportunities. This shift has created knowledge gaps as experienced staff leave, and new hires are brought on board who need to be trained on internal systems and processes. With some staff working from anywhere and other staff back in the office, firms face the added challenge of onboarding and training new hires across a multitude of environments.

The diversity of work environments is also making it a challenge to implement and execute ongoing training for existing staff. Many training programs have been neglected during the pandemic as firms navigated what would become the new norm. Additionally, many firms are not being as diligent about training new hires as they once were. The result is staff who are not fully trained on current technology and processes, leading to diminished productivity.

But proper onboarding of new hires and ongoing training for all staff improves productivity and leads to increased staff retention. This provides long-term benefits, saving money on the investments necessary to bring on new staff, cover the costs of training them, and providing access to the resources needed to do their jobs. 

Training is critical not just for new solutions or processes but also to help establish best practices. Staff who are trained regularly on advanced features, useful functions, and best practices learn better ways to do things, leading to more efficient processes and better overall performance. Providing staff with the skills training they need to do their jobs effectively helps increase productivity, boost morale, and decrease turnover. Ensuring that all staff is trained on the solutions they use drives better ROI for any firm’s investments in technology solutions.

One of the most efficient ways to train your staff is to provide just-in-time training for the solutions and processes they use regularly. Just-in-time training is about providing your users with the right tools and the right resources at just the right time. They receive the knowledge when they need it and the skills to carry it out immediately, so they can learn what they need and continue the task or process effectively and efficiently. 

Just-in-time training should be focused on the critical needs of your staff for any given solution or process. It should be short and highly relevant to what the user is doing and what they need to know. These trainings should quickly provide information specific to knowledge gaps, leaving the user with the information or skill they need to continue. Prioritizing training so that staff receives the exact training they need at the time they need it helps your entire firm work smarter and more efficiently.

Does your firm need help driving better ROI and adoption of technology solutions? Baker + Cadence has years of experience working directly with legal professionals and attorneys to get the most out of their software investments. We are here to support you and your team. Let us survey your team on what they know and what they would like to know more about the solutions they use every day. With the survey data, we can design a just-in-time training curriculum for your firm. 

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