We often hear from our clients asking for best practices for setting up Document Types and how to determine which ones they need. Baker + Cadence Solutions, LLC was recently on a Legal Technology Webinar hosted by Worldox on setting up document types. Here are three tips we recommend when setting up document types: 

Keep it simple!

Make searching and saving easier for everyone – resist the urge to overly complicate things by creating too much meta-organization. You and your team can move faster and more efficiently if it is easy to see what is in your matters. 

Determine organizational structure

Different practice areas have different needs, so your Document Type setup should reflect that. Standardize as much as possible, but create flexibility and sub-standards for different practice areas. 

Ensure easy collaboration and sharing access 

Setting up an organizational structure and naming convention for your document types will facilitate collaboration with other attorneys and staff. Additional features that make this possible include: 

  • Remote document management 
  • Mobile apps that enable you to work from any device 
  • An easy to use interface 
  • Cloud-based access 

For more information on best practices, listen to the recording of Re-examining Document Types. This is a roundtable discussion with Worldox experienced Value-Added Resellers

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