As a leader in legal technology solutions, we strive to be a partner and trusted resource for our clients in helping them find the right solutions to meet their needs. To that end, we are excited to announce a partnership with nQ Zebraworks. nQ Zebraworks has a history of delivering innovative products to the legal market with cloud-based integrations that enable a work from anywhere environment for firms. We are both dedicated to helping law firms drive their business and practice with digital toolkits, and we look forward to the robust solutions that our partnership can provide for our clients. 

We’re happy to showcase a brand new product offering for our clients that comes from this new partnership – MailQ. MailQ solves the problem of sorting your physical mail into your digital mailroom by automating delivery and formatting daily mail. It allows recipients to review and route mail securely and quickly. 

Unlike other solutions, MailQ does not simply email users their paper mail. It leverages nQ Zebraworks’ Queues to scan and automatically route mail to each professional’s queue with just a few clicks. Documents are automatically OCR’d to enable searchability. Recipients can review the day’s mail and immediately discard unneeded documents. Needed communications are routed to a destination of their choosing, such as email, a folder, or a document management system. MailQ allows legal professionals to be fully effective from anywhere, whether working in the office or working elsewhere. 

The ability to review and route physical mail in a digital mailroom further optimizes the ability to work from anywhere. It’s also a better workflow than email for sorting and routing physical mail and a secure solution. 

Does your firm need help to optimize your work from anywhere solutions? Baker + Cadence has years of experience working directly with legal professionals and attorneys to get the most of their investments. We are here to support you and your team. 

To learn more about MailQ, contact us directly by emailing us at, or calling 916-694-0696.