Tabs3 and PracticeMaster are comprehensive software solutions for firms that want to efficiently and comprehensively manage back office and front office activities. The Platinum Edition takes that functionality one step further, with advanced features not available in multi-user versions. These enhancements help increase the speed and convenience of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster, with better technology and faster performance.

The Platinum Edition rarely goes on sale. But, until the end of the year, we are offering existing customers on a Maintenance Plan the option to upgrade to the Platinum Edition of Tabs3 Software for up to a 40% discount off the software license. In addition, firms that choose to switch to a subscription will receive 25% off the first year and 15% off the second year. In addition, Tabs3 Billing firms can add Tabs3 Connect licenses and receive the 40% discount as well.

Advanced Functionality

The benefits the Platinum Edition has to offer include mobile access to data, HotBackup, increased speeds and reliability, and data encryption with Platinum SQL systems. Here is a recap of the additional functionality that comes with the Platinum Edition:

Mobile Access via Tabs3 Connect

Tabs3 Connect provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster when you are away from the office. Users can access Matter Manager, clients, contacts, calendar, fees, and costs from your phone, tablet, laptop, or home computer. 

Advanced Reporting

Platinum Edition comes with additional report functionality. In the Detail Accounts Receivable Report, you have the option to include detailed information for fees and costs, enabling you to view aged receivables for each timekeeper and type of cost. The Accounts Receivable by Timekeeper Report lists clients with receivables broken down by working timekeeper, making it easy to determine what each timekeeper is owed and who may need additional help with collections. 

eNote functionality

eNote provides intra-office messaging in PracticeMaster, allowing users to easily send messages to other users. eNotes pop up on your screen, enabling you to reply, forward, or dismiss it quickly. 


Reports, filtering, and column sorting happen 10 to 30 times faster in the Platinum Edition, saving your firm time and money. 


HotBackup lets you start a backup whenever you need one, even when people are working. Users can also schedule them in advance to occur throughout the day. You control how many backups are stored and where to store them and receive an email confirmation of each HotBackup. 


Power outages or lost network connections are no longer a problem. Auto-Recovery protects your data and restores it to a reliable, usable state, reducing data corruption risk. 

Platinum SQL

With Platinum SQL, you can use 64-bit server capabilities for faster data queries in external programs, such as Microsoft Access and Excel.

Ready to upgrade?

This is the biggest discount ever offered on Platinum upgrades. Upgrading to Platinum is something our customers don’t do very often because of the additional costs involved. But this sale makes that upgrade affordable. You can upgrade your current product or switch to a subscription plan. As a reminder, firms have the option to try it before they buy it by requesting a Net 30 trial.

Not sure if upgrading is the right choice for your firm? We would be pleased to demonstrate Platinum Edition features and consult with you on your current version. To discuss the benefits of Platinum Edition and learn more about how it can help your firm, contact us directly by emailing us at or calling 916-659-5604.