Law firms don’t always understand all their options regarding technology that can help streamline workflows. At Baker + Cadence Solutions, our goal is to help our clients navigate their options to provide the best technology solutions to meet their needs. We are proud to partner with Worldox to offer our clients the most comprehensive document and email management software solution.

But even within Worldox, our clients have many different deployment options that provide the flexibility you need to create the best solution for your firm. Having this flexibility is unique and allows us to help you deploy Worldox in the way that best fits the needs of your firm.

Worldox GX4 provides secure storage of documents and electronic files in Worldox in a case or matter-centric format. This means that documents and emails can be shared easily by users working on the same matter. Worldox also helps you improve document security, with settings that allow access to documents and files by user, group, and individual documents.

Using Worldox can help your firm or organization move towards a paperless office. Worldox makes management, control, and access to your documents, emails and other electronic files easier than ever. Documents can be searched for by client, matter, project and any words in the document making it easy to find the document you need when you need it.

Worldox GX4 comes in three different versions with varying deployment options designed to meet your firm’s unique needs.

Worldox GX4 Professional is an on-premise installation, with the software installed onsite on your server and network infrastructure. All Worldox managed documents are located on one or more of those networked servers, making it easy for your users to access the documents they need quickly.

You can also install Worldox GX4 Professional on a hosted cloud service. This means that, rather than installing it on your own server, Worldox is hosted on a cloud server, like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Installing Worldox on a hosted cloud server allows you to continue getting value from licenses you’ve already purchased. Doing it the other way, you abandon your purchase and end up with a subscription fee.

Worldox GX4 Enterprise is also on-premise or remote. It is based on the Worldox Enterprise Server architecture and allows Worldox to communicate fully with local applications, including MS Office, Outlook, and third-party integrations. The user can be anywhere with an internet connection and remotely access the documents they need.

Worldox GX4 Cloud is a Software as a Service-based subscription model with all documents hosted in the cloud and managed on the World Software data center. This hosted environment means that users can access Worldox with an internet connection, no matter where they are located.

As a Worldox partner, we love to help our clients learn more about the business of law and the role technology plays in improving and supporting better workflows. We invite you to join Worldox and their partners for the next webinar in their Legal Technology Webinar Series on Friday, October 15th, at 2 pm ET.

Join the Worldox team and many of their partners (including Baker + Cadence) to learn more about Worldox deployment options. We’ll discuss the benefits of each deployment model and how it can fit into your firm’s business strategy.

Click here to learn more about the webinar and register to attend. We hope to see you there.

To learn more about Worldox and how their deployment options can help you streamline your document management, contact us directly by emailing us at, or calling 916-694-0696