Managing a firm’s software and technology needs can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. The shift to working from anywhere made it challenging to utilize your existing legal technology tools fully. As many firms shift to a hybrid work from anywhere model that combines time working in the office with time working from anywhere, legal professionals face new challenges, from how to update processes to support work from anywhere to how technology can assist in streamlining workflows across multiple work environments.

With so many different legal technology solutions available, it can be difficult to determine the best areas to invest your technology budget to help optimize your business and practice, no matter where your staff is working.

Before investing more money in new solutions and tools, firms should be taking time to fully understand the resources they have currently and how they can optimize those tools to meet new working conditions.

Take the time to understand the full value of your existing software

Before you decide to replace software, take time to evaluate it. Take a look at the complete list of features and how they relate to how you use the software and how the software fits into your internal workflow and processes. Assess how it integrates with your other practice management tools. If it is still meeting the needs of your firm and your staff, it does not make sense to replace it. Making sure it’s up to date also ensures that you have access to the full suite of existing features.

Train your staff on the full breadth and features of the tools available to them

Ongoing training can be one of the first things to disappear when staff is in a time crunch, or the office has shifted to work from anywhere environment. But ongoing training for your staff can help increase efficiency and productivity. Training your staff on technology solutions helps them understand the full feature set available to them and how to use them, leading to a more streamlined workflow. Once your staff understands the full feature set of a tool, it could mean that you don’t need a new solution after all. The bonus of ongoing training is that your staff is more open to onboarding new technology solutions in the future.

Taking these steps can help drive a greater return on your investment in existing tools while increasing efficiencies for working from anywhere.
With decades of experience and hundreds of installations under our belt, Baker + Cadence Solutions can assist your firm in selecting the right solutions and working with you to train your staff on best practices. We are here to help you optimize your investment.

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