World Software Corporation® and Workshare® have enhanced their strong partnership to bring secure file sharing and collaboration to Worldox customers. Branded Worldox Connect, powered by Workshare, the new product allows documents to be shared securely outside the organization while maintaining control of the documents within the Worldox Document and Email Management software.

Worldox Connect includes the Hosted Worldox Web previously offered as a separate subscription product. This means Worldox Connect users can access their documents from anywhere using any mobile device, providing an efficient and elegant method to organize and exchange documents during a review cycle. Also, the ability to remove hidden or sensitive data from email attachments and encrypt them before they are sent as a link is included within Worldox Connect.

Here are the other features of Worldox Connect:

  • Effortlessly share your content via secure link instead of attachment
  • Sync your important Worldox documents for on-the-go use on any mobile device. Full versioning of changed documents is supported.
  • Protect your outbound content by automatically removing sensitive information and comments. Add Digital Rights Management to outbound content restricting recipients from printing, sharing, or text scraping from documets.
  • Collaborate with your customers on shared documents for more efficient review cycle. Sync back to Worldox as a version any modified documents by the recipients.
  • Remotely wipe sensitive firm data from any connected mobile device.
  • Full access to Worldox content from a browser or mobile device
  • Full Auditing of activity for security and compliance purposes

Here are more specifics about Worldox Connect:

  • Worldox Connect is only available for Worldox GX4.
  • Worldox Connect is an individual subscription service, by named user.
  • The cost of a subscription is $20 per month if paid quarterly, and $17 per month if paid annually.
  • There is a one-time installation and configuration fee of $495

Click for Worldox Connect Brochure.

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