You may have received notification from World Software that Indexer as a Service (IaaS) is being released this week.  This new and highly anticipated functionality will be included in the next Worldox GX4 update entitled WDU10.   The update will be applied by running the wdupdate.exe utility.

It is important to note that this update should NOT be downloaded and applied until you have made arrangements to configure and implement IaaS.  The update will remove components required to run the old indexing process; therefore, IaaS must be setup as part of the update process.

Indexer as a Service is a significant improvement to the Worldox GX4 indexing process.  The indexer will no longer require a system to be logged in interactively in order to run.  Monitoring the indexing process is significantly improved as it will run as a Windows Service.  Profile indexing will continue even during update and build processes.

There are many more advantages to the new Indexer as a Service program and it should be implemented; however, caution needs be taken to properly plan for the implementation, especially if your firm has Windows Active Directory integration enabled in Worldox GX4.

Baker+Cadence Solutions can assist your firm with the implementation of Indexer as a Service.  Please contact us by email at or call 888-444-4250 and one of our consultants will contact you to plan and assist with this significant update.