We have been installing the Platinum version of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster in many of your new Tabs3 and PracticeMaster clients as well as upgrading our installed clients to the Platinum version.  One of the reasons for their decision to install the Platinum version was to have the Tabs3 Connect mobility feature only available in the Platinum version.

With Tabs3 Connect you can:

  • Connect to your Tabs3/PracticeMaster system with any device with a browser, e.g. your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or offsite computer
  • Enter your time, and edit time entries, either from the keyboard or dictation
  • See all of your appointments, as well as other’s in the firm, on the firm-wide calendar
  • Manage your task list
  • See the work done on a matter, and review case documents
  • Look up a client’s billing history and current work-in-process
  • Look up the firms client and contact list

Tabs3 Connect provides access to Tabs3 programs at your office from anywhere with an Internet connection. There are no apps to download. Simply turn on the feature, set up secure logins, and attorneys can log in from their smartphone, tablet, or any offsite computer.

Tabs3 Connect is different from cloud software in the following ways:

  • Data is never stored anywhere other than on your firm’s server. Tabs3 Connect allows you to see and make changes to the data, on your firm’s server.
  • The best feature of Tabs3 Connect is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure. Tabs3 Connect uses SSL encryption – the same kind of connection used by bank and mutual fund websites – to transmit data from your office to your device. You can be assured that sensitive data remains in the office.
  • Anything added or changed via Tabs3 Connect is instantaneously added or changed at the office without syncing.
  • Data resides at your firm, on your server, and it does not require any changes to the firm’s network or firewall.

Tabs3 Connect is a feature of the Platinum version of Tabs3 software. Firms that use the Platinum version of Tabs3 but do not use PracticeMaster have the option to purchase a subscription to the billing features of Tabs3 Connect at $5 per month per user.

Firms that use the Platinum version of both Tabs3 and PracticeMaster can use Tabs3 Connect at no additional cost. Attorneys who use Tabs3 Connect are free to practice outside the walls of their office, carrying all of the answers to client questions in their pocket, knowing that the data they are looking at is secure. They can leave the briefcase at home!