World Software Corporation has announced integration with BigHand’s digital dictation system, BigHand Professional.


BigHand enables authors to record dictations from their desktop or via their iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android™ smartphones and send the voice files to support staff for transcription or completion of tasks. Support staff receive the voice files almost instantly, so that work on a dictation can start as soon the recording is complete, increasing efficiency at your firm.

Once the dictations have been sent, authors can view the status of the files and who is working on them from their smartphone or desktop. Support staff receive pop-up and/or email notifications when a new dictation is sent to them. They can also see the length, title and priority, giving them complete visibility of their workload.

BigHand’s integration with Worldox enables you to:

  • Dictate in the Worldox DMS interface
  • Create documents from BigHand and save them straight into Worldox
  • Link to the associated Worldox document(s) from the dictation in BigHand
  • Integrate with Speech Recognition
  • Store documents which have been created in BigHand in the Worldox DMS
  • Manage the documents’ lifecycle in Worldox


  • Maximize productivity by using your voice to create documents
  • Streamline your document production process
  • Integrate document creation and document management systems without affecting your existing workflow
  • Perform tasks without manually switching from one application to the next, simplifying tasks and enabling you to be more efficient
  • When purchased with BigHand’s Speech Recognition module, automatically create documents from your dictation, drastically saving time compared to manually typing up dictations

For more information on BigHand Professional Click here to view brochure.

For more details on Worldox integration with BigHand click here to view Worldox integration datasheet.

The cost for BigHand Professional is only $240 per year per user.

To learn more about BigHand Professional or to schedule a demonstration please call Bill Baker at 1-888-444-4250, or email