In August, Software Technology, LLC announced the much anticipated release of Tabs3/PracticeMaster Version 19.  This new version has been in development for more than year and contains some very significant upgrades from Version 18.1.

i recently conducted a podcast interview on Version 19 with Brian Dickey, Sr. Product Management Specialist at Software Technology who was involved in the development of Version 19 where we discuss the feature set, how the products are developed in response to customer usability feedback and feature requests, and how you can upgrade to Version 19,  You can listen to that interview by clicking HERE.

Version 19 highlights include:

New Look and Graphical User Interface!

  • Larger font, new color theme, and navigation options;
  • New Home Page that provides a modern look and feel but still keeps the classic Task folders;
  • New Theme Settings so that a user can customize their own theme for each product.


  • New graphical Recap of Hours (not a report) with daily, weekly, and monthly options that show billable and non-billable hours and amounts;
  • Payments for multiple matters can be applied to individual statements;
  • Added the ability to include a ProPay payment link with a emailed statement allowing clients to pay their bill online;
  • New Reorder Fees utility allows for the reordering of fees with the same date on the statement;
  • Now you can write-up or write-down all matters for a client at the same time;
  • Entering credits for paid transactions will automatically apply the credit to accounts receivable when the statement is updated. Produce a credit memo by running a statement with only credit transactions.


  • New graphical Recap of Hours with daily, weekly, and monthly options that shows billable and non-billable hours and amounts and optionally includes unprocessed timer records;
  • New dashboard on the Home page shows the user’s calendar, task list, and recap of hours;
  • Added the ability to create journal records from multiple Outlook email messages at the same time;
  • Added the ability to prevent editing of specific fields by designating which users have rights to edit restricted fields in a file;
  • Added a new Attach PMDocument button to the Outlook Plug-in toolbar that makes it easy to attach PracticeMaster documents while composing email in Outlook,

Tabs3 Connect

  • New graphical Recap of Hours with daily, weekly, and monthly options that shows billable and non-billable hours and amounts;
  • Added the Timekeeper field making it easy to add fees for other timekeepers. Added the Bill Code field making it easy to override the default billable or printable status.

General Ledger Highlights

  • Added a new Statement of Cash Flows Report that shows how changes in Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts affect the firm’s cash flow;
  • Added a new Advanced Client Costs Report that makes it easier to reconcile advanced client costs between Tabs3, Accounts Payable (APS), and General Ledger (GLS).

To learn more about the details of Version 19, go to

Contact Bill Baker at bbaker-at-bakercadence-dot-com to schedule an upgrade to Version 19.