We are pleased to announce the new version of Workshare Profession, Version 9, was release in December, 2014.  In our opinion, version 9 is a great enhancement to the Workshare Professional whether you use it with Worldox or stand alone.

Workshare Professional 9 enhances multi-party collaboration so that users can work at the pace demanded by their firm, and do so with precision required by the legal market.  With new more tightly integrated features, WS Professional 9 makes is easier for users to view changes, accept and reject them, and share files during the collaboration process.

Workshare Professional 9 combines market-leading comparison capabilities and metadata scrubbing features to remove hidden sensitive data from attachments in one desktop product.  Once compared, users can share documents or accept or reject changes from the DeltaView redline, in a seamless comparison experience.

Workshare Professional 9 includes a new Connect component that provides users with a set of online services.  These services extend collaboration capabilities beyond the desktop and enable simplified collaboration from within and outside the firm.

With Workshare Professional 9’s data-governance features, firm management and IT groups can maintain control over the business data of the firm.

If you are an existing Workshare Professional user, version 9 is available as a download and is easily installed to upgrade you current version of Workshare Professional.

If you want to learn more about Workshare Professional 9 and how it can help your organization, please email Bill Baker at bbaker@bakercadence.com.  Or visit the Workshare website at www.workshare.com.