Finally!  An answer to the question , “How can I get these bulk files into Worldox without having to profile each one?”

This new solution is provided by Trumpet Inc, the makers of Symphony OCR and Symphony Profiler.  The answer is AutoFiler, another clever and useful product from Trumpet. 

We know It is too time consuming to profile batches of individual documents like billing statements into Worldox because no one has the time and and it doesn’t get done. 

Wouldn’t it be great if large batches of documents, like billing statements, could be automatically filed into Worldox, all at once, and for different clients? 

AutoFiler is designed to do just that.  It finds the appropriate metadata, like the Client and Matter, in the documents, and automatically profiles them appropriately in Worldox. 

With AutoFiler you can file documents into Worldox with a simple drag-and-drop process!  First: select the documents you want to file. Second: drag-and-drop in the AutoFiler workspace. That’s it! 

If you need to split large PDFs into individual documents before they are filed into Worldox, AutoFiler can do that for you too! 

The cost is only  $1500 annually for the software and a couple of hours to setup and train.  To learn more about AutoFiler contact Bill Baker at, or call 916-677-4277.