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Baker + Cadence Solutions is one of two companies in the Western states selected by Workshare to sell and support their products. Workshare Professional 7 combines the industry’s most accurate comparison technology with a pioneering metadata cleaning system that protects millions of documents that are attached to emails each day. All in a single, simple desktop package.

Tight integration with Windows means users can stick with the productivity apps they use every day — apps like Microsoft Office and Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, and ECM/DMS systems like SharePoint, Worldox, OpenText, EMC Documentum and Autonomy iManage. And it’s reassuringly simple to produce detailed audit trails of document changes and reviews, even if reviewers are outside the firewall and documents are outside the control of the DMS.

With Workshare Professional and its accurate document comparison, intelligent document control for multi-party document reviews, secure PDF creation and sharing, metadata removal and information security, there’s nothing to stop your users from unleashing their creative potential. Workshare Professional features the combined capabilities of Workshare Compare, Protect, Document Management System integration and more.

Accurate Change Tracking

Compare very large, complex documents at paragraph, line, character, and word level, quickly and accurately.

Workshare Comparison groups all changes into comprehensible categories, filtering out the noise and allowing you to jump right to the changes that are important to you. The world’s most accurate document comparison engine also compares embedded tables, numbering, bullets, tables of contents, lists, field codes, and complex formatting – and is ten times faster than the original DeltaView comparison engine.

It even lets you compare Microsoft Excel tables embedded in Microsoft Word documents, compare and identify changes to embedded objects or images, and see at a glance whether they have been modified, deleted, or inserted. Whether its 100 pages or 1000 pages Workshare handles it!

Hidden data removal from MS Office

It’s been reviewed, it’s finally final and it’s ready to go to the client. Chances are, that document contains data you can’t see — it could be reviewers’ changes and comments (some more flippant than others), financial data hidden away in a spreadsheet, speaker notes or PDF metadata, but it all needs to go.

You can easily remove hidden data at the click of a button, or set an organization-wide policy to make metadata removal transparent to the user. Workshare’s document cleaning functionality also integrates with Microsoft Office allowing users to see a comprehensive report of all the content risk in a document while it is open in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Content risk is displayed according to its risk level (high, medium, low) and selected content can then be automatically removed from the document. Whichever mechanism you choose, you can be confident your sensitive data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Create, share PDFs

PDFs are a great way to share information and completed documents inside and outside the organization.

Workshare’s powerful PDF functionality allows you to create PDF documents from any application or document management system and combine many different files such as documents, emails, spreadsheets, and graphics into one PDF portfolio. Sensitive metadata is stripped out before conversion and it’s really easy to apply security settings, manipulate and organize pages, and save the state of your binder as a workbook. You can also mandate PDF creation with 128-bit encryption, signing and restriction rules.

See changes, save time

View the changes that matter to you by selecting categories such as matching, numbering, punctuation, and style changes, and spelling corrections. Workshare makes it easy to see changes and shorten review cycles — and helps your review teams work more efficiently.

You can compare more than two documents — even of different types (Word-to-Word, PDF-to-PDF, and Word-to-PDF for example) at one time, with differences automatically highlighted so you can easily see what has changed. You can also select specific categories of changes requiring immediate attention by selecting which categories to highlight.

Once you’re done, simply save the comparison as a Workshare Compare DeltaFile (.wdf), which contains all three documents (original, modified and redline), or save just the redline document as a DOC/DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT, or PDF file.

Keep it safe with Secure Management File Transfer

Knowledge is probably your most valuable asset and you’ll want to know where it is and who’s using it. Control exactly who you share your confidential information with — and who they can share with — with Workshare.

With its inspired data policy controls, restricting access to sensitive business documents is a cinch — you can clean, convert or replace attachments with secure send options right from the familiar Outlook interface.

Workshare takes file sharing a step further with a secure managed file transfer solution — Send Link. Reviewers outside the firewall? Not a problem, just send documents into the Workshare cloud platform for instant collaboration on any browser-enabled device. Fast upload happens without interrupting Microsoft Outlook, and you can pause, cancel and resume uploads at a click of a button. Send Link delivers files securely using RC4 128-bit/SSL 256 AES-encrypted authentication.

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