In these troubling times, Baker Cadence Solutions has been busy consulting on and installing remote access options for our Worldox and Tabs3/PracticeMaster clients.  We want to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the remote access capabilities of the products they have purchased.

Remote Access Options for Worldox GX4 Clients

Worldox Web 3.0

The recent update of Worldox GX4 Professional includes the Worldox Web 3.0 product at no additional charge.  It can be implemented quickly (2-3 hours) and users can learn to use it in less than an hour.  The installation and training can all be completed remotely.

Worldox Web 3.0 provides secure access to Worldox documents stored on the internal network from any web browser or iOS device.  It allows the user to perform searches, view documents, and Open and Save documents within Microsoft Office just as they do with the Worldox desktop product.  They can also manage Outlook emails by copying or moving messages to Worldox and viewing emails already saved to Worldox.

Worldox Web 3.0 has been entirely rebuilt for performance and includes the addition of some features previously limited to the full desktop Worldox client.

Worldox GX4 Enterprise

For users that may travel with their primary laptop or that want to work from a remote location with the full functionality of the Worldox Professional client, Worldox Enterprise is a great solution.

Worldox Enterprise requires the purchase of Worldox GX4 Enterprise Server software.  At least one Terminal Server and one WD Server are also required. The cost for the Enterprise server license is based on the total Worldox Enterprise license count, starting as low as $1000 for 1 to 20 user level.  Existing Professional licenses can be upgrade to Enterprise for $70.00 each.

With Enterprise installed the remote user has essentially the same Worldox experience as in the office.  The Worldox features and integration with local applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Acrobat, etc.) operate the same way as the full Worldox Professional client.

Worldox GX4 Enterprise was designed by World Software Corporation to provide remote users connecting over WAN connections of lower bandwidth and/or quality, as close to the same experience and functionality as possible, when compared to working in the main office.

The implementation of Worldox Enterprise can be completed quickly and without system interruptions once the system prerequisites are in place.

Worldox GX4 Cloud

Worldox GX4 Cloud is available in the US, Canada, and Australia. Worldox GX4 Cloud uses the same connection technology as Worldox GX4 Enterprise, with the difference being that the application and data is hosted by World Software Corporation.

Firms can easily transition from their on premise Worldox installation to Worldox GX4 Cloud. The current document repositories, application configuration and user setting are all migrated to the Worldox Cloud data center. When this process is completed users launch the Worldox client using a new desktop shortcut. This will connect them to the Worldox GX4 Cloud server allowing full access to documents and all of the Worldox features using their own computer connected to any internet connection.

Worldox GX4 Cloud is available as a per user monthly subscription service.  The cost per month per user differs in each country.  The US subscription is $38 per month per user.

Remote Access Options for Tabs3/PracticeMaster Clients

Tabs3 Connect

Tabs3/PracticeMaster Platinum version users have the ability to use Tabs3 Connect.  This feature is included with the Platinum version.

Tabs3 Connect allows for remote entry and editing of time, cost, calendar, and contact information using any device with an internet connection and a browser, e.g.; laptop, home computer, smart phone, tablet.  The user browses to to access the application.  There is no app to be installed, and the data entered goes directly to the Tabs3 database on your firm’s server.

Tabs3 clients on maintenance but not on the Platinum version can take advantage of a special offer from Software Technology Company for 90 days of Platinum without charge so they can use Tabs3 Connect.  At the end of 90 days the firm can remain on the Platinum version or downgrade to the previous multi-user version.  There will be a charge from Baker Cadence Solutions to install Platinum and configure Tabs3 Connect.  This usually takes one to two hours and we will do the upgrade for a fixed fee of $200.


Tabs3 now has a cloud-based offering; CosmoLex by Tabs3.

Everything you need to run your practice, in the cloud!  CosmoLex is built with enterprise-grade next generation technology to provide the highest level of data security and cutting-edge features, plus, the CosmoLex integrated system is compliant with US and Canadian taxes. CosmoLex’s cloud-based tools are already in use by thousands of law firms throughout North America and CosmoLex has established itself as the full-featured solution.

CosmoLex by Tabs3 comes complete with an all-inclusive practice management system eliminating the need for add-on accounting software like QuickBooks.  CosmoLex provides 24/7 mobile access so you can work anywhere, and any time, on any device – with bank-grade encryption of your internet connection and your data at the data center.

With CosmoLex you get time entry, client billing, trust accounting, general ledger, and accounts payable all in one package for one monthly fee, and CosmoLex integrates with LawPay for credit card invoice payments and trust account retainers.

The monthly subscription is $89 per month per user if paid monthly, or $79 per month if paid annually plus a special discount of 25% on the annual plan for the next 90 days.

Baker Cadence Solutions is a certified reseller and consultant for CosmoLex.  

If you would like to learn more about these options or to schedule a demonstration, email, or call Bill Baker at 916.677.4277.