Many of our Worldox clients have installed Worldox GX3, the latest version of the Worldox software. If you are still on Worldox GX, or Worldox GX2, you should make plans to get you Worldox software upgraded to GX3 before the end of this year.

We can do the upgrade in 4 hours, two hours to make the technical changes in the software and reindex all of your documents with the new version of ISYS that comes with Worldox GX3, and two hours, depending on the number of users and training sessions, for training on the new features in Worldox GX3 as well as a review of the most popular features in Worldox. We have found this training to be valuabsle for firms that have not had refresher training on Worldox for their users. The Worldox GX3 upgrade is good opportunity to provide user refresher training, and your users will be impressed with the new features in Worldox GX3.

Call 888-444-4450 or email to schedule your upgrade.