WORLDOX Bookmarks allow you to save shortcuts that generate file lists dynamically. The dynamic nature of Bookmarks means that the parameters in the definition of the Bookmark determine what WORLDOX displays when the Bookmark is selected.
You can create Bookmarks for any of the following types of WORLDOX file lists:
• Folders
• Favorite Files
• Searches
You can place Bookmarks on the Bookmark toolbar or in the Bookmarks menu. The Bookmark toolbar is located at the top of the WORLDOX screen, just below the standard WORLDOX toolbar. You can place as many Bookmarks on the toolbar as you like. If there are more buttons than can fit across the WORLDOX window, they wrap automatically to the next line. (Note that the Bookmark toolbar does not appear unless at least one Bookmark has been placed there.)

Bookmarks pic 1

Creating a Bookmark
First, perform the search; example, when you are working with a specific Client/Matter.
Second, after performing the search, click on Bookmarks, Add This List.
Give the Bookmark a relevant name.
After creating a bookmark, you can e-mail this Bookmark to “team members.”
RIGHT-MOUSE-CLICK on the Bookmark, choose “e-mail.”
When the recipient receives the e-mail, they simply double-click the attached Bookmark and it will install itself. 

bookmarks pic 2


Unpinning or Deleting a Bookmark
Some Bookmarks are not used as much as others. To keep your Bookmark bar “tidy” you can “unpin” the Bookmark. It still “lives” but not taking space on the Bookmark Bar.

Bookmarks pic 3