Text searches are great, but without OCR (optical character recognition) software, all of your image-based PDFs (or, really, anything that’s scanned into Worldox) are not text searchable.

That’s where Symphony OCR comes in and takes your searching to a new level.

What is Symphony OCR?

Symphony OCR fully integrates with Worldox, giving you the confidence that all image-based (PDF and TIFF) documents saved will be text searchable no matter how they got there (email attachment, efax, scan, etc.).  All of your documents will be OCRed automatically.  Symphony OCR will process all of your legacy documents.  In addition, it constantly checks Worldox for new documents – all while working its magic without your involvement. 

Key Features:

  • Quick, easy install and ongoing software management
  • Operates on existing Worldox indexer computer / server
  • Ability to OCR email attachments
  • Preserves the original PDF content
  • No OCR page count processing limitation

Reply to this email and we’ll contact you to schedule a call to discuss the product in more detail, or email infor@bakercadence.com to review the brochure

Wanna save some money?  Implement Symphony OCR by August 31st and we’ll waive  the implementation fee (a $750 savings).