World Software Corporation has two cloud solutions for Worldox GX3, Worldox GX3 Cloud and Worldox GX3 Enterprise.  Worldox GX3 Cloud is a public cloud solution, and Worldox GX3 Enterprise is a hybrid private cloud solution.

Worldox GX3 allows your Worldox users to access your Worldox documents either thru the internal network or through the Internet.  In either case, the users see the same Worldox screens to manage their documents and emails.  However, the internet connected users can be anywhere in the world and, with a decent Internet connection, can manage their documents and emails just as they do in the office.  They simply have to start a different application (WDSaaS) on their computer to make an internet connection and enter their user name and password.  This connects them via the internet to the in-house Worldox system. Now they see the same Worldox screens as in the office.   The only requirement is that they need to have the applications like Word, Outlook, Excel, Acrobat installed on their computer so they can open and edit documents.  When they make changes and save a document or email, a copy is placed back on the firm’s Worldox document store.

World Software has announced new pricing for Worldox Enterprise Server, the software that needs to be installed on your Worldox system to communicate with the remote internet users.  The one-time cost of the Enterprise Server license is $1500 for firms with 1 to 20 Enterprise users, $2500 for 20 to 50 Enterprise users, and $5000 for 50+ Enterprise users.

The price for a  Worldox GX3 Enterprise user licenses is $495 per user one-time with an annual support and maintenance fee of $110.  Also, Worldox GX3 Professional user licenses can be converted to GX3 Enterprise user licenses for $70 per user with the annual support and maintenance of $110.  So, if you what Worldox GX3 Professional installed and have the need for mobility for some of your users, you should consider Worldox GX3 Enterprise as the best solution for mobile users.

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