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DocsCorp, based in Australia with offices throughout the US, has products that complement the other products offered by Baker+Cadence Solutions. With over 500,000 users of DocsCorp products that are designed to save you time each day, we are pleased to be a reseller and integrator for DocsCorp. DocsCorp offers 3 products – CompareDocs, pdfDocs, and Cleandocs.


Compare two versions of a document or two different documents to see exactly what has changed. CompareDocs works with any file type – including Word, PDF, or image documents. CompareDocs eliminates the risk of missing changes between documents. The smallest change can have a big impact, so you need the trustworthy comparison technology provided by DocsCorp.

CompareDocs integrates with Worldox, Microsoft Windows, and Office 365. There are three versions of CompareDocs; Standard, Professional, and Cloud.

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pdfDocs takes the work out of creating complex PDFs.  pdfDocs integrates with other applications and systems, Worldox, Office 365, and other document management software.  It has three key functions:

  • Bundling – pdfDocs makes light work of combining or assembling multiple documents from many sources. It automates the creation of indexed multi-PDF documents and electronic binders with a powerful but simple application.
  • Smart Editing – make changes to your PDF document quickly and easily with no conversion to Word necessary. You can add, remove, or rearrange pages, modify text or images, annotate, redact, Bates number, and much more.
  • Integration – allows for integration of PDF applications so business systems can work together. Workflows become streamlined and more efficient with pdfDocs.

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Hidden document metadata is a data protection risk about which many people are not aware. It can cause significant leaks and compliance breaches. Without metadata management, every email sent could be putting your firm at risk of professional damage and financial penalties.

CleanDocs is metadata management on the desktop or server-based. Metadata cleaners can remove more than 100 metadata types from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and PDF/A documents with no email downtime for users. Use a metadata cleaner to remove unseen information, convert spreadsheets to PDF to remove hidden cells or tabs while retaining the visible data, or add a password for additional security.

With cleanDocs server, hundreds of emails can be cleaned from one server whether they are sent from the desktop or mobile device. Administrators can set enterprise-wide cleaning policies, so users do not have to interact with Outlook pop-ups, and alerts can be configured to warn senders about metadata, passwords or other errors.

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For more details about working with CleanDocs, visit the DocsCorp Website CleanDocs Page.

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