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Technology Solutions for Legal Professionals
September 2013 Newsletter

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Worldox Announces Hosted Cloud Backup Service

In August Worldox announced a new hosted cloud service offering, Worldox Cloud Backup

With Worldox Cloud Backup, you can be assured that your Worldox files are backed up consistently and reliably. World Software’s backup utility is a straightforward solution that replicates critical data to an off-site location to ensure data security and recovery.

In just a few clicks of a button, you can specify when to back up your Worldox Configuration and documents to a secure cloud.  If you want to archive certain data, you can opt to duplicate it less often than you would back up more current, critical data. By setting less frequent backups of legacy data, you can reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed and the time it takes to transfer files. Continue reading...

Introducing iTimekeep  -- New Mobile Time Entry Option for Tabs3

Here at Baker+Cadence Solutions we have been looking for an inexpensive, reliable, and easy to use time entry system for our Tabs3 clients. We have found the right solution, iTimekeep from Bellefield. A time entry solution that works with any smart phone, tablet, or laptop or desktop computer. With iTimekeep you can enter your time on any mobile device from anywhere.All you need is a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, or any other network connection.

You can record time as you do the work, no waiting to fill out your timesheet. Your time entries will appear in your Tabs3 billing software ready to be edited or billed. No synchronization is required, no remote login, and no customer data is saved on the remote device. And iTimekeep helps you make accurate entries with spell checking and your firm’s billing codes. Continue reading...

Introducing…Legal Anywhere Collaborator!

Baker + Cadence introduces Legal Anywhere Collaborator; a solution for secure file sharing and collaboration with outside clients and parties to a matter.

Legal Anywhere is an ultra-secure, intuitive, feature-rich extranet system for making confidential information available to clients, outside counsel and other parties to a matter. Whether you need a deal room, litigation repository or other secure client workspace, your attorneys are able to share and edit sensitive documents, collaborate on important topics, share calendar and contact information, specify important tasks and deadlines, and much more. Legal Anywhere is fully integrated with major document management systems (including a new, tight integration with Worldox) as well as MS Outlook, and requires little if any IT administration. Continue reading...

Workshare Announces Workshare 8

At the International Legal Technology Association conference in Las Vegas last month Workshare announced the launch of  Workshare Professional 8, the latest update to their flagship product that’s been trusted by 62% of the Fortune 1000 for over a decade.

What’s New in Professional 8? Find out by reading the full article...

Did You Know? Creating Bookmarks in Worldox GX3

WORLDOX Bookmarks allow you to save shortcuts that generate file lists dynamically. The dynamic nature of Bookmarks means that the parameters in the definition of the Bookmark determine what WORLDOX displays when the Bookmark is selected.

You can create Bookmarks for any of the following types of WORLDOX file lists:
  • Folders
  • Favorite Files
  • Searches

You can place Bookmarks on the Bookmark toolbar or in the Bookmarks menu. The Bookmark toolbar is located at the top of the WORLDOX screen, just below the standard WORLDOX toolbar. You can place as many Bookmarks on the toolbar as you like. If there are more buttons than can fit across the WORLDOX window, they wrap automatically to the next line.

Read the full article
for the complete list of instructions.

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