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Technology Solutions for Legal Professionals
April 2014 Newsletter

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Sony Introduces “Digital Paper” for Worldox

Legal professionals overwhelmed with paper now have a new way to read, annotate, and share documents electronically using Sony’s Digital Paper. Designed to increase productivity and streamline collaboration in paper-intensive environments. Worldox is integrating Digital Paper so legal professionals can easily and securely access documents, upload handwritten notes and annotated documents, and share with other users and groups in the firm.

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Workshare Releases v. 8.3 with New Worldox Integration

n March Workshare released an updated version of their Workshare Compare that improves the integration with Worldox GX3. Worldox GX3 users can select documents and versions of documents from Worldox to compare and can save comparisons into Worldox.

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Scanning Documents into Worldox Has become faster and easier with Cannon Scanners

Scanners and multifunction printers (MFPs) play a key role in streamlining scanning paper based documents into your document management system. The process of scanning documents can be time consuming, manual, and a multi-step process.

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New Tabs3 Connect Subscription Service Announced for Tabs3 Platinum

We are pleased to announce that firms with Tabs3 Platinum installed can now purchase Tabs3 Connect even if they have not purchased PracticeMaster. Until now Tabs3 Connect was only offered as a feature for firms with the Platinum version of both Tabs3 and PracticeMaster. The new Tabs3 Connect user licenses are $5 per month per user, billed annually.

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